Standing Guan Yu (关羽)


This item will be released on May 31, 2023.


Guan Yu is one of Liu Bei’s bravest and strongest generals. A mighty warrior with a studious mind, he has been praised as a man who could cleave apart an “army of thousands with ease”. His well-kept beard was famous and he was nicknamed “Beautiful Beard” by his peers. Guan Yu was born during the time of when Ancient China was overrun with conflict and unrest. In the early years, he followed Liu Bei as a sworn brother in his journey to rescue the Emperor of Han and save his fellow citizens from endless fighting.

To this day, Guan Yu is worshiped as Guandi (関帝) or Guangong (関公), the God of brotherhood, justice and righteousness. Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other Three Kingdoms fiction portrays him as a noble and dignified individual.

This statue portrays Guan Yu in a majestic, upright pose with a noble demanour. He holds the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in a ready position, symbolizing the exorcism of evil and the welcoming of prosperity. In the business community, Guan Yu is also regarded as a bringer of wealth.

It is recommended to place Guan-yu facing the front door to guard against evil, and not facing the toilet.




(Height: 27 cm, Width: ~11cm, Depth: ~22 cm)

(Material: Porcelain, Clay, Ceramic Composite)

(Finish: Bronze Layer)

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Weight4 kg

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