Standing Laughing Buddha (弥勒佛)




According to legend, the Laughing Buddha is said to grant wishes and brings forth wealth, good luck and prosperity.  The Laughing Buddha represents good luck, wealth, happiness, success and good health. Any  area can benefit from the sparkling energy of his smile.

The Laughing Buddha is based on the story of a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China. The Laughing Buddha would go from town to town spreading joy and cheer wherever he went, never leaving until all in the town were laughing and joyous as he. His heart was loving and open, and in time he came to be loved by many.

In Buddhism, he is considered a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha; and added the often missing energy of light-heartedness, joy and laughter to everyday life. The most common Feng Shui use of the Laughing Buddha is as a cure for wealth and good luck. The symbol of Laughing Buddha is considered to bring auspicious energy, wealth and joyful blessings anywhere it is placed.

The necklace around his neck are the pearls of wisdom and the sack he carries represents long-life wealth and prosperity.

This is a wonderful statue to place in the home of business as emits an aura of positive energy. If there is a Bodhisattva and a Buddha statue in the same space, it is recommended to place the statue of the Buddha in the center, and the Bodhisattva on the left or right of the Buddha statue. If the Buddha statue is placed high in the center, then the Bodhisattva should be placed in a low position in front of the Buddha statue.




(Material: Clay, Porcelain, Ceramic, Composite)

(Finish: Bronze Layer, Gold Plating)

(Height:  20 cm, Depth: 14 cm)

(Weight: ~2.5 kg)

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Weight2.5 kg

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