About Us


Myths & Legends that have been passed down for thousands of years possess rich historical value and aesthetics. Every product here has a legendary story behind it and their everlasting glory is just quietly awaiting your summon. Our statues convey a kind of spirit, faith and world view that celebrates a shared culture and heritage throughout mankind’s history. We sincerely invite you to join us in experiencing art that transcends the barriers of time.

Myths & Legends Collection specialises in finding the best of both historical and contemporary art to decorate your home. Since 2005, we have successfully helped beautify more than 15,000 households in Singapore and abroad with our unique and special range of art. Our products are hand-crafted to the finest standards by our team of dedicated artisans.

Our art draws inspiration from timeless classics including Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and famous monuments such as the statue of King Richard the Lionheart in England. With a wide range of art from East to West, we know that you will find something that speaks to you!

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When decorating spaces, you realize that often the details that make the finishing touches are what give the spaces the style or atmosphere you are after. Details say a lot about the taste and personality of the person that has chosen them. Our mission is to continually source, design and manufacture unique and beautiful products both internationally for you to add style, function and atmosphere to your home. We aim to help make your home as unique as you!

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With over 19 years of operation in Singapore, our reputation for providing high quality home decor and gifts is well established. We provide warm and friendly service at our brick-and-mortar locations and also our online platforms. Post-sales support is always available to our customers!

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All of our products here are guaranteed original and are under copyright. We work with international designers from all over the world to bring you the most elegant and detailed art pieces as their sole distributor in Singapore.