Large Guan-Yin Riding Dragon (骑龙观音)


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Guan-yin is known in the East as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. She is the celestial one who “hears the sounds of the world” and rescues people endangered or floundering in perilous situations. The dragon itself represents primal forces we are in the process of taming and bring good fortune after being tamed. 

This is a statue of Guan-yin riding a water dragon. Legend has it that after being shown great compassion by Guan-yin, the water dragon decided to aid Guan-yin in helping those in need. The jade bottle that Guan-yin carries is pointed downwards, signifying how Guan-yin gives everything to the world and leaves nothing for herself.

It is recommended place a statue of Guan-yin near the front door and not in front of windows, bedrooms, corners or close to toilets. This product is also suitable for placing together with a Lotus Candleholder (available here), which can be placed in front of this statue.

骑龙观音是观音菩萨三十三应化身之一。相传东海有一种头像龙身像龟的怪物经常危害人间。观音菩萨知道后,大发慈悲之心,决定为民除害,星夜兼程来到东海将怪物降伏,并跃上龙头怪物的背上现出宝相。于是,从此过上了太平日子的百姓便塑了一尊脚踏龙头怪物的观音菩萨像供奉起来。表示观音菩萨法力无边,乐于为民除害,保佑众生安居乐业。骑龙观音的灵力无远弗届,不但替雕像主人治病保身,甚至能够赐褔降财保平安。 玉瓶向下,代表「毫无保留的普渡众生」。慈悲为怀。


(Height: ~54 cm)

(Material: Clay, Porcelain, Ceramic Composite)

(Finish: Bronze Layer)

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