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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Visit by HRH Princess Amal Rakiah of Brunei to our Paragon branch.” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Our valued client – Singaporean Actor, Hui Ge” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]
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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Donation of sculptures by Taiwanese artist Lee Kuang-Yu to Gardens By The Bay” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]

We were honoured to be invited to the celebration of the donation of two bronze sculptures by famous Taiwanese artist, Lee Kuang-Yu, to the Gardens By The Bay.

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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Our Medieval Castle Chessboard Set is featured on Mediacorp production, The Peculiar Pawnbroker 人心鉴定师” heading_tag=”h3″ margin_design_tab_text=””][/ultimate_heading]
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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Sponsor of World School Children’s Art Exhibition” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]

It is our honor to be one of the sponsors for The World School Children’s Art Exhibition organized by the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

You can see many creative paintings by talented children from Singapore & other countries in Asia. Thank you to the assistant director, Ms Tsai, for giving a tour and telling us the stories behind the paintings.

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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Donation of Life Sized Lady Justice to the Law Society Pro Bono Services” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]

Myths & Legends Collection donates a life size Lady Justice sculpture to the Singaporean Law Society Pro Bono Services to commemorate their effort in representing those that cannot afford legal representation in court.

Thank you to the Law Society Pro Bono Services for featuring and interviewing us. It is our honour and pleasure to be able to contribute to our society in our own way!

The sculpture of the life size Lady Justice will inspire more lawyers to do good deeds and remind them of why they became a lawyer in the first place!

Read the full interview here.

Link to the Law Society Pro Bono Services Facebook page.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Lunch meeting with the Ambassador of the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, Mr Liang Kuo-Hsin” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]

We are honored to be invited for a lunch meeting with the Ambassador of the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, Mr Liang Kuo-Hsin.

Among the topics discussed was art, the environment and economic development. We are so grateful for the valuable opinions provided by the Ambassador. We will continue to work hard in the art industry and continue to promote art and culture, as well as provide good quality works of art for our dear customers!

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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Our valued customer – Singaporean Actor, Zheng Ge Ping” heading_tag=”h3″][/ultimate_heading]

It is truly our honour that another shining star has visited our store! Welcome to Singaporean Actor, Zheng Ge Ping, the winner and the nominee for Best Actor Award and also one of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes for 6 consecutive years!