Buddha with Prayer Beads ( 数珠菩萨)


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This Buddha statue, named Shuzhu Bodhisattva, first appeared in the “Great Compassion Mantra”.  It is one of the famous statues in Sichuan Province, China, since the Song Dynasty. The Bodhisattva is portrayed running the prayer beads through his fingers which represents removing obstacles and increasing merit. This Buddha statue can create an elegant and quiet atmosphere in your home. The Buddha stands solemnly on the lotus, holding the prayer beads in the form of a figure of eight, representing infinity and good luck!

This statue is a suitable gift for Buddhists or to people who enjoy meditation or yoga. Placing a Buddha statue at home reminds us of kindness and tolerance, to treat people all living things around us well, and to pray for peace and happiness. If there is a Bodhisattva and a Buddha statue in the same space, it is recommended to place the statue of the Buddha in the center, and the Bodhisattva on the left or right of the Buddha image. If the Buddha statue is placed high in the center, then the Bodhisattva should be placed in a low position in front of the Buddha statue.


(Finish: Bronze Layer)

(Material: Clay, Porcelain and Ceramic Composite)

(Height: ~39 cm, Width: ~ 11 cm, Depth: ~ 11 cm)

(Weight: ~2.1 kg)

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Weight2.1 kg

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