Guan-Yin Sitting on Heart Sutra (Bronze – Available Online Only)


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In Buddhism, Guanyin Bodhisattva (also known as Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) is one of the four major bodhisattvas. Guan-yin is seen as the one who is most concerned with the well-being of sentient beings and is the most popular out of the top five Bodhisattvas to place in the home.

This beautiful sculpture depicts Guan-yin sitting on a mountain surrounded by the ocean. Lotuses, the symbol of wisdom, are growing on the stone mountain. In Guan-yin’s right hand are Ruyi beads, which symbolizes a heart free of burden. The stone mountain is engraved with the complete Heart Sutra.

It is recommended to not place a statue of Guan-yin in front of windows, bedrooms, corners or close to toilets. This product is also suitable for placing together with a Lotus Candleholder (available here), which can be placed in front of this statue.


这尊观自在菩萨,以自在坐在大海中的石山上,莲花在石山上生长,代表着智慧, 右手持未敷莲华,手持如意珠,象征顺心如意。石山上刻有完整的般若波罗蜜多心经,由文字闻修而亲证般若智慧,超越生死轮回,到达不生不灭的解脱境界。

摆放观音像建议有几个要点,不要摆放在窗前、卧室、角落、临近厕所、柜子底层等处。观音和佛像也不要朝向不洁的地方摆放,如不能让观音菩萨对着卫生间。 此产品也适合搭配我们的高贵莲花烛台一同摆放,可将烛台放置于观音像的前方。

(Height: 40 cm approx., Width: 19 cm)

(Material: Bronze, Gold Plating)

(Weight: ~5.5 kg)

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Weight5.5 kg

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