Wooden Rotating Stand (4 inches)




Elevate your statues with this high quality, solid wood rotating stand! It comes in a luxurious dark shade with a unique and patented ball bearing system to ensure smooth and reliable rotation. The dark colours of this stand are perfectly matched to our bronze sculptures or vases in your home. Adding a platform for elevation such as this stand, will make your statue stand out even more!

Having the ability to easily rotate your statue will also allow you to further admire its delicate craftsmanship and to better show it to your family and friends. The design of this rotating stand is exclusive to our shop in Singapore and is under copyright from Taiwan. Each stand comes with a plate certifying its authenticity and are also padded with protective non-slippery foam feet so as to prevent scratching of your display surface.

The 4″ stand is suitable for the base of items that are 10 cm in diameter such as the statue of the small Lady Fortuna, Standing Ganesha, Sitting Ganesha and Krishna.

(Material: Solid Wood with Ball Bearings)

(Length: 14 cm, Width: 14 cm, Height: 6 cm)

(Weight: 0.5 kg)

Statue displayed on stand is an example only and is not included.

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