Nike, Angel of Victory




Nike was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. She was described as the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, and the sister of Kratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and Zelus (Zeal).

Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and victory. Nike was a very close acquaintance of Zeus and Athena, Nike is also one of the most commonly portrayed figures on Greek coins. This statue can be found at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Germany).

  • The sports equipment company Nike, Inc. is named after the Greek goddess Nike.
  • A figure of Nike with a vessel was the design of the first FIFA World Cup trophy, known also as the Jules Rimet trophy.
  • Since Giuseppe Cassioli’s design for the 1928 Summer Olympics, the obverse face of every Olympic medal bears Nike’s figure holding a palm frond in her right hand and a winner’s laurel crown in her left.
  • The goddess appears On the emblem of the University of Melbourne.
  • The hood ornament used by the automobile manufacturer Rolls-Royce was inspired by Nike.
  • The Titanic Engineers’ Memorial, Southampton depicts Nike blessing the engineers of the RMS Titanic for staying at their post as the ship sank.
  • The Honda motorcycle company’s logo is inspired by the goddess Nike

(Height: ~30 cm, Length: ~27 cm, Depth: ~19 cm)

(Weight: ~2.5 kg)

(Material: Clay, Porcelain, Ceramic Composite)

(Finish: Bronze Layer, Gold Plating)

勝利女神Nike的形像是長著一對翅膀,身材健美,像從天徜徉而下,衣袂飄然。她所到之處勝利也緊跟到來。這款勝利女神馬車中,我們可以感悟到女神英勇、 飄逸的氣勢。兩支張開的翅膀和輕盈飛揚的衣裙,讓人感到女神在空中騰飛,有著一種強烈的運動感。豐滿軀體在薄衫下透露出力量和健康,表現了勝利和與之而來 的喜悅。所有奧運會的獎牌正面都採用此勝利女神的造型。

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