Sun Wukong, The Monkey King


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The Legendary Monkey King has arrived! The Monkey King also known as Sun Wukong, is one of the main characters in the epic tale, the Journey to the West. Here, he is pictured escaping from the sage Laozi’s furnace. As the legend goes, Sun Wukong was captured and placed in the furnace in an attempt to remove the protective effects of the Peach of Immortality that protects him from all physical harm. Fortunately for Sun Wukong, he was able to find a space in the furnace which allowed him to avoid the flames. When the furnace was opened fourty-nine days later, Wukong emerged unscathed and successfully escaped.

This sculpture depicts Wukong escaping from the furnace. He is armed for combat with his trusty staff, the Ruyi Bang which is capable of resizing itself according to its owner’s wishes. In this case, he had hidden it behind his ear in its smallest form before drawing it during his escape. His eyes are reddish from the smoke of the furnace and are now capable of perceiving hidden evil. As an additional feature, the furnace lights up with an inbuilt LED lamp and is powered by a USB compatible power source.

(Height: ~82 cm)

(Weight: 12 kg)

Limited to 2 pieces only

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Weight20 kg

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