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Date Masamune  伊達政宗 was a legendary warrior and leader of Japan’s Azuchi-Momoyama period through early Edo period. Heir to a long line of powerful daimyo in the Tōhoku region, he went on to found the modern-day city of Sendai. An outstanding tactician, he was made all the more iconic for his missing eye, and Date was often called dokuganryū (独眼竜), or the “one-eyed dragon”. Masamune is known for a few things that made him stand out from other daimyo of the time. In particular, his famous crescent-moon-bearing helmet won him a fearsome reputation.


“曇りなき 心の月を 先だてて 浮世の闇を 照らしてぞ行く”

“My life was just like running in the darkness with only light of moon. I was just moving forward according with what I believe is right in Sengoku.”

(Height: ~12 cm)

(Material: Pewter)

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