Yellow Jambhala (黄财神)




In Buddhism, the Yellow Jambhala is considered the most popular and powerful of the Wealth Gods, with the ability to remove poverty within the six realms, increasing virtue, life span and wisdom.

He is also to be an emanation of Vaisravana, one of the “Four Great World-protecting Heavenly Kings” and is the guardian of light in Buddhism. The Yellow Jambhala sits in the vajra position. His left hand holds a mongoose named Nehulay which spews forth precious jewels from its mouth, while his right hand holds a gem shaped fruit and leaf of lotus. On his foot is the white conch shell which represents that the Yellow Jambhala will help you go deep into the sea to help you obtain wealth.

It is recommended to place the Yellow Jambhala in a prominent space facing the door as it represents inviting wealth and fortune into the house.




(Material: Clay, Porcelain, Ceramic Composite)

(Height: ~21 cm, Width: ~ 19 cm, Depth: ~ 10.5 cm)

(Weight: ~1.6 kg )

(Finish: Bronze Layer)




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Weight3 kg

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