Baby Fairy of the Petal – Blue (Fine Porcelain)


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High quality porcelain is made using multiple stages of heating to ensure that the  delicate parts do not crack. After a basic shape is formed, the designs are hand-painted using non-toxic and high quality pigments. An underglaze is then applied by another stage of heating. The resultant piece is highly durable and yet very smooth to the touch. A fine porcelain piece can help brighten any space by its fine craftsmanship and bright colours.

In Europe, newly born children are quite often portrayed with flower blossoms to signify new life and a new beginning, thus forming the inspiration behind this particular sculpture.  A cute little baby fairy is pictured sitting comfortably on a newly blossomed flower. She holds a delicate flower in her hands and wears another flower as a hat to protect against the spring sun. This is a perfect gift for a baby shower or to celebrate a new addition to the family.

As an added feature, this is also a music box that plays a sweet spring tune when the key underneath is wound. The fairy also turns gently in time with the music.

(Height: ~ 13 cm, Width: ~ 8 cm, Depth: ~ 8 cm)

(Material: Hand-painted Fine Porcelain)

(Finish: Glazed)

Limited to One Piece Only

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