Saxophone, the Soul of Jazz (Coffee Table)




The saxophone holds a special place in the history of jazz music. It became a defining instrument in the genre, with legendary saxophonists like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Sonny Rollins making significant contributions to the development of jazz.

The saxophone is known for its versatility and adaptability to various musical genres. It has a prominent role in classical music, jazz, rock, pop, funk, and many other styles. Its ability to blend well with other instruments and adapt to different musical contexts has made it a favorite among musicians.

This is a great table for musicians and music lovers alike to place in their living room or study!

(Material: Resin and Stone with Tempered Glass Top)

(Finish: Hand-painted)

(Height: 65 cm, Width ~55 cm, Depth ~ 55c cm)

(Weight: ~12 kg)

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