Egyptian Dancer 1930’s / France




Designer: Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet (1880–1950) was French sculptor of Belgian birth who worked during the early-to-mid 20th century. The subject matter of her best known work was primarily Arab female dancers. The majority of her career output in sculpture can be classified as being of the Art Deco style.

Colinet was a frequent exhibitor at the Salon des Artistes Francais and Salon des Independents art exhibitions in Paris. Her sculptures, most of which depicted beautifully figured, energized, and dramatic female forms, were exhibited posthumously at the Paris Salon for nearly 30 years.

(Material: Clay Ceramic Porcelain Composite, Marble base)

(Finish: Hand-painted)

“Art Deco”系列舞者的原型是由法國雕刻大師Chiparus用青銅和象牙雕製而成。在當時,使用這兩種材質的雕像被稱为”Art Deco”。而Chiparus就是當時法國”Art Deco舞者”系列最偉大的雕刻大師。chiparus是像牙青銅雕塑鼻祖,他的風格是融合當時(1920-30)蘇聯芭蕾,法國戲劇人物造型以及古埃及裝飾特點,他很注重底座的裝飾。他的主題往往都是和他同時代的舞蹈偶像。其中大多數作品都以當時法國最流行的服飾表現,對於腿部和衣服的細節刻畫尤其細膩。此作品為女雕塑家Colinet的名作,只有Colinet作為女性才能設計出這樣細膩的女性心理!

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